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Applying for WingChun education / training

Please follow the steps (application process) carefully, since this is an evaluation of your motivation strength and capability i.e. :
instructions following, understanding, patience, availability time.
It will take up-to 1 hour of patience for compete all the steps.
Since WCAA-Sweden is seriously educating WingChun, we don't want you to come and leave

Step 1A

Make sure that you can comply to our agreement before you apply for avoid any misunderstandings and disputes, e.g. you are expected to do daily home work or that WCAA will NOT abuse you personal privacy data etc. please read the WCAA agreement
If any part of the agreement is unclear please do not hesitate to first contact Sifu. Peter Yeung before continue the steps.

Step 1B

Fill-in the web form with correct data and sufficient information so we can understand your profile and expectations.
Note! you can only apply once by security reason.

Privacy data registration is a directive from 'RiksIdrottsFörbundet' via 'Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet' that complies to the Swedish law act PUL (personuppgiftslagen) , in according to 'RiksIdrottsFörbundet' regulation (stadgar) 8 kap.5§
This means also that we might need to confirm with your ID card.

From 2016, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ( in Swedish "EU:s nya Dataskyddsförordningen? ) will now replacing the Swedish law act PUL (personuppgiftslagen) that WCAA-Sweden now will comply to.

Secured encrypted HTTPS connection NOT established yet !
Participant age is under 18 year ?
Deltagarens ålder är under 18 år ?
参与者年龄是 18 岁以下 ?
No: Yes:
E-mail address : is used as unique username ID in our web community
E-postadress : används som unikt användarnamn ID i vår gemenskap
电子邮件地址 : 作为唯一的用户名的身份在我们的网络社区

  • Must be possible to reach you within 4 hours e.g. change date
  • Don't give work or school related e-mail address
  • You name shall be part of the e-mail address
E-mail address confirmation
E-postadress bekräftelse

Retype | Skriv igen | 重新输入
Password : for login to WCCA
Lösenord: för inloggning

Minimum 6 characters, a-z , A-Z and 0-9
Password confirmation : Using Digest Authentication security, please remember you password !
Lösenord bekräftelse : var vänlig och kom ihåg det
密码确认 : 请记住 !

Retype | Skriv igen | 重新输入
名字 - 拉丁字母
姓 - 拉丁字母
Chinese name : in Chinese simplified or traditional character (if any)
Kinesisk namn i förenklad eller traditionella kinesiska tecken
中国名字 繁体或简体字
Identity number
Personnummer - 12 siffror format ÅÅÅÅMMDD-XXXX

Swedish ID example: 19671230-1234
Street address with room number
Gatuadress och lägenhets nummer
街道 (大厦) 地址和房间号码
Postnummer - 5 siffor

For countries without postcode type: 00000
City residence area

Type in English and select


Mobile with country code
Mobilnummer med landskod
国家代码 手机号码
International E.164 format
Swedish country code '46' as example:
4670....... instead of 070-.......
Earlier experiences of WingChun or other martial arts ? [write a CV]
Tidigare erfarenheter av WingChun eller andra kampsporter ? [skriv en meritförtäckning]
Who recommend you or where on the internet did you find us ?
Vem rekommenderade dig eller var på internet hittade oss ?
Why do you think our WingChun is best for you and what is you expectations ?
Varför tror du att vårt WingChun System passar dig och vad är dina förväntningar ?
Select WingChun instructor organization
Välj Wing Chun instruktör organisation
Which term do you apply for ?
I want to become Instructor

I understand the Questions and Answers document and I will fully comply to the obligations and commitment for take part of the instructor group education e.g. with right background, 99% presence and daily training etc...
WCAA will after 1 term assessment of motivation and progress for consideration to accept you to join the instructor group
I fully understand the requirements and will commit to the obligations towards WCAA-Sweden according to the Agreement here
Jag har full förståelse för de kraven och kommer att uppfylla de skyldigheter gentemot WCAA-Sweden enligt avtalet här
我完全理解要求,并满足对 WCAA 瑞典的义务根据 此协议
Yes, I do

A email with a confirmation code will be sent to you for fill in Next Step.
Ett e-postmeddelande med en bekräftelse kommer att skickas till dig för att fylla i under nästa steg

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