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Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy (WCICA) 詠春葉準同學會, HQ for Sifu Ip Chun in Hong kong
VingTsun Athletic Association 詠春體育會 (HQ for all Ip Man branchs)
Siheng Ho Kay home page Ho Kay Tsing Yi Wing Chun Academy
Siheng Leung Ting Kwok (Patrick) 詠春國術會 - Soft Wing Chun Academy (Hong Kong) E-mail:
Former student Robert Kenneryd at Väsby

Svenska Budo och Kampsortsförbundet - Svenska KungFu och Wushu Förbundet


Sparring weapon supplier partner (Chinese Butterfly Sword for WingChun Baat Cham Dao) :
Realistic Sparring Weapons

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WingChun Sweden - Facebook group

Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet

The Wing Chun Archive

Other web pages/site hosted on WCAAs IT infrastructure

Swedish Herbs by Peter

WCAAs own IT

WCAA have own IT solutions for web app development and operations (DevOps), but for production WCAA is using professional IT infrastructure consist of product and disaster VPS (Virtual Private Server) via cloud provider, SSL provider, DNS providers. Then it is also assisted with web-hotel, monitoring provider and payment provider, backup cloud provider, storage cloud provider, document provider, analytics, online marketing channels etc...

For DevOps WCAA is inhouse development using Internet Service Provider and own HW servers with VMs etc.

For Security reason we can not list all IT infrastructure provider WCAA and the IT solution architecture for DevOps

Comodo Positive SSL Certificates


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