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詠春拳學會 - 瑞典
The traditional soft internal Wing Chun KungFu martial art
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Wing Chun Academy Associations - Sweden Stockholm (WCAA-Sweden)

Wing Chun Academy Associations - Sweden (WCAA-Sweden) is founded in December 2005 by Peter Yeung as a Wing Chun KungFu (martial art) school on an academy level for Wing Chun associations, this is the meaning of the name Wing Chun Academy Associations. Academy's level of school is meaning it is providing an academic level of pedagogical education of Wing Chun as art than acts as a training provider, one of the goals is to provide higher education of the Wing Chun martial art and how to apply the art in a situation.

Our Web site service was started in August 2006. Wing Chun Academy Associations - Sweden (WCAA-Sweden) is a non-profit Academy with a business model following the Swedish "Hobby Verksamhet" According to Swedish tax authority "Skatteverket" SKV 344. In WCAA-Sweden's fee is to cover our hidden cost for bringing the original Wing Chun KungFu to direct from HongKong (Ip Chun Wing Chun lineage) since WCAA-Sweden don't take any subsidy from the Swedish local government or other organizations. WCAA-Sweden is doing further Wing Chun development of martial art, and wellness, etc.

Within the WCAA-Sweden hobby business concept needs also own Java software development & operations (DevOps) of WCAA-Sweden Mobile/Web IT application tool i.e. for education tool and automatic information/business processing in order to achieve distance learning of the Wing Chun theory with team collaboration, privacy data handling for compliance with IT security, etc. This requires fully own developed and hosted IT solutions for complying with the WCAA-Sweden concept and the EU GDPR regulation - 2016/679 regarding privacy data protection. This results in high costs for IT operation, IT solutions, and development, WCAA-Sweden is therefore also applying DevOps.

Wing Chun Academy Association Sweden (WCAA-Sweden) is acting as a supplier to organizations/associations and individuals with Wing Chun services, education framework under the WCAA-Sweden brand, this means that WCAA-Sweden is financially separated without any legal responsibility towards sub-organizations, see our agreement. This includes complete services offerings directly to members/students of the association Wing Chun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS) or to other academies/association. Today WCAA has terminated the association relation with WAIS.

WCAA-Sweden's aim is to provide high-quality and deep Wing Chun learning for a budget price so that students without a high budget can learn a deeper level of Wing Chun to become an instructor or teachers. Therefore the WCAA-Sweden is trying to achieve a small group of motivated students since the business goals are for spreading deeper Wing Chun rather than aim for profit. Therefore WCAA limits the number of students in this school by putting higher requirements on the candidates that apply for becoming a student.

Since is WCAA-Sweden is a non-profit hobby business with Evangelical Christian Values (ECV). Therefore part of the Wing Chun Academy Associations Sweden hobby business for is donating revenues especially Christian organizations i.e. Salvation Army ( Frälsningsarmen ) to support their aid work and also donate/support Nordic Chinese Christian Church (NCCC) activates (including web/IT hosting for NCCC Stockholm ).

Wing Chun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS) - opt out 2020

Below is some historical information of the past  WAIS

Wing Chun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS) is founded in August 2009 by Peter Yeung, Daniel Gomez, and Johan Andersson.

But from 2020-01-20 WAIS was closed as a registered association but will still continue to be a discussion forum for WCAA students.
WAIS was an non-profit association (ideell förening) registered at Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet (SB&K) a federation under Riksidrottsförbundet (RF), this means that WAIS is member of the sub-federation Swedish Kung Fu and Wushu Federation
WAIS's objective was to be a student association forum for Wing Chun training and education decisions using E-democracy in cooperation with Wing Chun Academy Association - Sweden without own business (verksamhet). WAIS has therefore no financial or economics and does not either apply for any financial contribution (bidrag). 
WAIS fee to Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet (SB&K) was paid by WCAA-Sweden as part of WCAA-Sweden student service offering. 

WAIS organisation registrations

Members of WAIS had accident insured via SB&K for training accidents. More information atörsäkring 
WAIS have not any economy as it own, so WCAA-Sweden is, therefore, acting as service supplier with the complete operation for WAIS i.e. as Wing Chun academy association supplier.

Now all WCAA students train Wing Chun under own responsibility and with their own insurances.

The passed relations between federations & WAIS as referens


Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet (SB&K) 

Svenska Kung fu och Wushuförbundet 
( Swedish Kung Fu and Wushu Federation ) 

Wing Chun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS) 


Our Wing Chun Kuen 詠春拳 is mainly direct from Grandmaster Sifu. Ip Chun 葉準師父 in Hong Kong i.e. the first and currently the only academy in Sweden with the shortest linage.
Grandmaster Sifu. Ip Chun (born July 1924) is known as the eldest son of the famous legend Ip Man 葉問 (Yip Man)
The legend Ip Man 葉問 (Yip Man) is also known as the Sifu for the passed KungFu movie star Bruce Lee 李小龍 , but more today in the different Wing Chun movies especially in all famous Ip Man movies, Sifu. Ip Chun has also act in movie The Legend Is Born: Ip Man .

The linage:   Ip Man 葉問 (Yip Man)   -- > Ip Chun 葉準師父   -- > Peter Yeung

Grandmaster Ip Chun lineage Genealogy Book 葉準系族譜

All registered Sifu's (with pictures) direct under Ip Chun linage   -- >   Sifu. Peter Yeung's registration at grandmaster Sifu. Ip Chun 

Chief instructor certifications

Certified Ip Man Ving Tsun Athletic Association 詠春體育會 (VTAA) recognized instructor, authorized directly by Sifu Ip Chun. Missing image
Certified Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy 詠春葉準同學會 recognized instructor, authorized directly by Sifu Ip Chun . Missing image
Permanent member of Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy in Hong Kong 香港 Missing image
Permanent member of VingTsun Athletic Association 詠春體育會 (VTAA), the head organization for Yip Man Ving Tsun in Hong Kong 香港 Missing image
Certified in IT Service Management for WCAA-Sweden's Web Application Operation ITIL foundation certificate via Information
Certified Java programmer for WCAA-Sweden's Web Assisted Automation & Digitalization  SCJP certificate

ipchun ipchun and peter
Sifu Ip Chun and Peter at year 2005 and 2006 in VTAA headquarter at Hong Kong

Vision, Mission, Goals, Profile & Core Values


To make every Wing Chun student become a high-quality WCAA Wing Chun instructors/pedagogues with holistic competences for easier to start and drive an own Wing Chun academy or association (förening) with ethics, moral and respect.


The mission is for spread the traditional soft/internal Wing Chun Kuen 詠春拳 KungKu 功夫 in Sweden. This includes philosophy, Cantonese culture, ethics and conception of life.


Goals are the strategy to achieve the vision and mission

WCAA's 3 goals are:

  1. Educate Wing Chun instructors/pedagogues
  2. Support organizations/associations that want to teach WCAA-Sweden Wing Chun
  3. Continues further development of our Wing Chun concept


Core values

WCAA has an evangelical Christian ethos and values. Openness, trust, and care within the team are important.

Wing Chun training equipment

Here is the list of the specific equipment provider for our Wing Chun training

Wooden Dummy Lai-o (from Taiwan)
Baat Cham Dao for sparring RSW - Realistic Sparring Weapons (from HongKong)
Wall Bag No specific vendor requires, but for following our installation recommendation you need to use a punch pad behind a wall-bag and leather cloth on the front. KungFu Supplies Company (from HongKong)

Partner networks

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